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Almaz Stool

Sophie Dukes | Alex Munro | Zach Kennedy


the team wanted to design something with clarity of form, creating a sense of elegance and desire to openly display the stool

since a set of stools were to be created, the building and assembly had to be time efficient and repetitive

several stools use the idea of a separate seat and base through material or form, and one of our goals was to avoid this stereotype 

Clarity of Form
Repeatable Process
Disk Seat
Ideation 1_edited.png
Ideation 2_edited.png
Small Hexigon Stool Models_edited.jpg
Acrylic Models_edited.jpg
Full Zach Feet Model_edited.jpg
Small Carboard Models Alex_edited.jpg
Ideation 4_edited.jpg
Ideation 5.png
Second Bristol Model_edited.jpg

would be a large footprint if at a typical stool height

coming from the concept of a hexagonal form, this simple folded paper model became the starting point of the final concept

interested in doing something a little quirky

having a modular leg system would allow easier assembly of 3 stools

A Full Scale Model and Testing

Full Size Stool Model.jpg

the seat's thickness was determined by the goal of cantilevering it, and the size gap was tested for comfort

to emphasize the form, visible evidence of hardware on the outside was avoided

to avoid the concept of a disk on a base and to emphasize the construction technique, a gap was incorporated into the seat

the strength of the spacers was tested along with the seat gap sizes

the seat's thickness was determined by the goal of cantilevering it, and the size gap was tested for comfort



Folding and Powder Coating

sheet metal was cut, folded, and painted

Attaching Wood Seats

long wood screws were used to support the seat pieces with the heads of the screws hidden in the top row of spacers

Planning for Full Assembly

to ease the assembly process, two-part spacers with metal rods were used to guide the pieces together

Spacer Animation.gif

the spacers located at the top had reliefs on the backside to accommodate the screw heads that held the seats to the sheet metal


Stool Project Book New Good8.png
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