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Nearly 1/4 of adults aged over 65 are considered to be socially isolated.

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Social isolation has been associated with a 50% increased risk of dementia as well as an increased risk of many other serious medical conditions.

Amity is the board game console designed to provide a fun shared experience between players and their loved ones. The board uses physical playing pieces and integrated video calling to provide meaningful engagement despite any distance.

Team Members:

Callan McGill
Hayley Stout
James Krasner


Physical prototyping

Trial.18 B&W.png

An interactive game board could provide a genuine connection over age differences 

Hand - pink.png
Book - pink.png
Airplane - pink.png
Connect - pink.png
History - pink.png
Couch - pink.png

values physicality

easy to learn

connective over distance

easy to connect

engaging over time

comfortable in home

Physical Testing

UI Photo 2.jpg
UI Photo 4.jpg

button and icon size analysis

reachability analysis

UI Photo 1.jpg
UI Photo 3.jpg

game piece size analysis

UI Photo 6.jpg
UI Photo 5.jpg

The Board

Screen Position - None.png

Curved Aluminum Form with Feet

Negative space underneath as well as the soft curves were added to ease the process of picking up the device, while the defined feet indicate placement on the table

Technical - 2nd Screen.png

Magnetic Adjustable Hinge

Allows easy transfer of second screen from each port with the ability to tilt for best positioning

Screen Position - None.png

Illuminated Power Button

Easy to locate power button that visually indicates power status and battery levels

Mid Section Test 2.png
Portfolio Page 7.png

Additional Parts

Portfolio Good12.png
Game Piece - Section.png
Portfolio Good11.png
Portfolio Good12.png
Game Piece - In-Context.png

standard piece

Lil Piece - On Screen.png

mini piece

Mid Section Test6.png

User Interface

Portfolio Page 12.png
Portfolio Good13.png
Wireframe with Transparency.png

Utility Setup

Chess Setup

Portfolio Good19.png
Fixed Frames2.png
On Coffee Table.png
Intro Test.png
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